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The stay at home is actually a blessing in disguise, a one time opportunity brought about by mother nature not to go to work. Away from the daily routines, the morning and evening hustle and bustle, rushing across town to our work places.

Don’t you love it to wake up anytime during the day, spending the day watching TV and doing anything you please, enjoying quality time with your friends and family especially your children.

What a better way to utilize your time than hobby baking.  There is so much one can do from home made muffins, cookie, brownies to mousse. The list is endless and below are simple suggestions one may try out.

­1. Ice creams

The easiest thing on planet to do, 3 simple ingredients. Whipping cream, Condensed milk and your favorite flavor.

Basic recipe

  • 500ml whipping cream. Prestine /Rosella II powdered whipping cream.
  • 1 can of sweetened condensed milk.
  • 2 teaspoon of your favorite flavor.

Toppings Sprinkles, Chocolate chips, Dairy land syrups.

2.­ Cakes

Blueberry muffins, chocolate cakes, Red velvet cakes, Black forest cakes.

All easy to make with the right ingredients.

  • Red velvet cake a no brainer – 1 kg red velvet, 350g eggs, 225g water, 300g oil mix for 5 min and bake.
  • Blueberry muffins – 1 kg of Backaldrin muffin mix, 225g water, 300g oil, 350g eggs and 250g blueberry filling.  Mix together all ingredients except for the blueberry filing  for 5 min. Swirl in the blueberry filling  with a spoon. Pipe the batter in cupcake casing and bake.
  • Black forest cakes – Vienna Chocolate Sponge mix 1kg, 650g water and 200g water

Whisk with egg beater for 7 mins and bake.

Once cooled layer the with cold whipping cream and cherry filling. Cover with shredded dark chocolate compound.

  • Chocolate cake – I like using the Backaldrin Black forest cake premix. It gives a nice moist chocolate cake. And what better way to have chocolate cake then iced with chocolate ganache.

Black forest 1kg, 500g eggs, 300g oil and water 200 water g. mix for 4 min and bake.

To make the ganache mix equal amount of whipping cream and chocolate. Warm the whipping cream and add chopped chocolate or chocolate chips. Once the chocolate is melted allow to cool to room temperature and refrigerate for 1 hr before using.

 All the above cake recipes are baked at   180C  for 40 – 45 mins.

Happy Baking !

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