Frequently asked questions

How can I create an account?

At the checkout or via the account icon, click 'Register'. 

Please enter your email address here. 

Enter your credentials. 

Set a password. 

Sign up your account.

How can I reset the password?

Please click "Forgot your password?" after entering your email or phone number. We will give you a verification code by email or phone. 

Please enter the code on the Bakers Boulevard platform. 

You will then be able to complete your password reset request and log in with your  new password.

How can I go about placing my order?

Bakers Boulevard can be accessed through the website or the app (Available on  Play Store or Apple Store)

Sign in to your account if asked, or establish a new account if this is your first  order. 

Click on the search bar displayed at the top of the app. 

Look for your desired product. 

Click "Add to cart" to add it to your shopping basket. 

Bakers Boulevard Cart will display all of your selected goods, allowing you to  effortlessly continue to payment. 

Proceed to payment after selecting a "delivery mode" of "Door Delivery" or "Pick up." 

Now, choose your preferred payment option and complete your order.

Cancellation of an order

Unfortunately, once an order has been confirmed, it cannot be canceled. Cancelling  an order while it is still pending is only possible if there was a mistake in your  order before it was confirmed. You can let us know if you want your delivery to be  halted using our communication channels.


Unfortunately, once a purchase has been verified, there are no returns. Once an  order is placed and confirmed, it indicates that you have fully agreed to abide by  our terms of service.

Fields of operation

Bakers Boulevard is now situated in central Uganda, servicing the city, Kampala,  and its surrounding suburbs, which include Bukoto, Ntinda, Naguru, Mengo, and  Rubaga. Bakers Boulevard also provides delivery to locations in and around  Entebbe. Locations that are not presently serviced will be supplied shortly.

Options for payment

Bakers Boulevard accepts cash on delivery, mobile money (Airtel and MTN), Visa  and MasterCard. 

How do I request a refund?

Make use of our contact details. We treasure feedback and respond as quickly as  possible.

How much delivery costs?

Delivery costs are dependent on the location of a client from our stores

How do i edit or change an order or delivery?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to change the delivery address of an order placed  as our availability is based on local routes. However, you can cancel the order and  order with the correct details.